Aluminium Sliding Doors / Stackable Doors

Aluminium sliding doors / stackable doors are a type of door system that slides and stacks neatly to one side or both sides of an opening. Unlike traditional sliding doors, our stackable doors are designed to open up an entire wall to merge indoor and outdoor spaces. They are popular in homes to maximise space and natural light.

JL Windows specialises in the customisation, installation, and replacement of aluminium sliding and stackable doors. With 7 years of experience serving the Melbourne area, we’ve partnered with over 400 builders to ensure our aluminium sliding doors not only look stylish but also meet the highest standards of quality and safety. For more details, feel free to reach out to us at 0481-818-785 or

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Essential Sliding Doors


  • Slim and durable frame style
  • Argon gas filled double glazing
  • Economical and practical choices
  • Require little space and improve indoor to outdoor flow
  • Optional heavy duty lockable stainless steel fly screen
Air Infiltration TestHigh
Ultimate Strength Test2000pa+
Water Resistance300pa+
Operation Force Test110N
Deflection Test400pa+
U Value / SHGC3.13-6.01/0.31-0.72


Air Infiltration TestMid
Ultimate Strength Test3000pa+
Water Resistance600pa+
Deflection Test1/4900
U Value / SHGC2.70-3.30/0.30-0.62
  • Argon gas filled double glazing
  • High performance energy efficient
  • Multiple locking system provide more security
  • Top and bottom roller system for smooth and quiet operation
  • Designed weeped sill drainage channel
  • Optional heavy duty fly screen

We offer a wide range of customisation options to suit your architectural styles and functional needs.

Glass Choices:

  • Single, Double, or Triple Glazing: Depending on energy efficiency needs and climate.
  • Low-E Glass: Enhances energy efficiency by reflecting interior temperatures back inside.
  • Laminated or Toughened Glass: Offers additional safety and noise reduction.

Size and Configuration:

  • We can help you decide the size and the number of panels to fit the specific dimensions of an opening.
  • The configuration can also be chosen, such as which side the doors stack to when opened, or whether they should stack to both sides.

Hardware and Accessories:

  • Choices in handles, locks, and other hardware that not only enhance the look but also improve security.
  • Integrated flyscreens, blinds or curtains that can be built into the doors for privacy and light control.

JL Windows and Doors offers top-tier aluminium sliding door installation services tailored to elevate the aesthetic and functional value of your home or commercial space. Our skilled team specialises in installing sleek, durable, and energy-efficient aluminium sliding doors that not only enhance natural light and outdoor views but also improve security and insulation. With a focus on precision, customisation, and customer satisfaction, we ensure a seamless installation process from start to finish.

JL Windows and Doors revitalises your property with our bespoke stackable door replacement service, introducing an innovative way to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our unique approach focuses on the integration of advanced techniques, such as precision alignment and the use of thermally broken aluminium, to enhance the energy efficiency and comfort of your environment. Our expert installation ensures a perfect fit and smooth operation, transforming your space with a stylish, functional, and energy-efficient solution that stands the test of time.

We only use high-quality aluminium and glasses that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and provide excellent performance in terms of energy efficiency and weather resistance. We guarantee the stacking doors’ durability and long-term performance.

We provide top-notch customer service, including consultation, customisation support, timely delivery, installation and replacement services, and after-sales service. Our expert installation services ensure that stacking doors function optimally.

We balance quality with cost-effectiveness to offer competitive pricing that provides value for money.

Yes, our aluminium sliding doors/stackable doors prioritize security without compromising on style or functionality. The robust aluminium frame construction provides a sturdy barrier against intrusion attempts, enhancing the overall security of a property. Furthermore, our doors can be equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms and multipoint locking systems for added security and peace of mind. These advanced locking features help to deter unauthorised access and enhance the safety of occupants and belongings within the building. With JL’s aluminium sliding doors/stackable doors, customers can rest assured knowing that their property is well-protected.

Aluminium sliding doors/stackable doors are designed to require minimal maintenance while offering long-lasting performance. The aluminium frames are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Occasional cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep the doors looking their best. Additionally, lubricating the sliding tracks and hinges periodically can help ensure smooth operation. Overall, JL’s aluminium sliding doors/stackable doors are engineered for durability and low maintenance, allowing customers to enjoy their functionality and aesthetic appeal with minimal upkeep requirements.

Yes, JL’s aluminium sliding doors are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and sunlight. The aluminium frames are corrosion-resistant and durable, ensuring longevity and performance even in harsh environments. Additionally, weather-stripping and seals are integrated into the design to provide enhanced insulation, keeping your interior comfortable and protected from external elements. Whether you live in a coastal area prone to salt spray or regions with extreme temperatures, JL’s aluminium sliding doors offer reliable performance year-round.

Yes, JL’s aluminium sliding doors are engineered with energy efficiency in mind, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs while minimizing environmental impact. The doors feature thermal breaks within the aluminium frames, which act as barriers to heat transfer, preventing thermal bridging and improving insulation properties. This design helps to maintain consistent indoor temperatures, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling throughout the year. Additionally, low-emissivity glass options are available to further enhance thermal performance, allowing you to create a comfortable and sustainable living or working environment.

Yes, JL’s aluminium sliding doors/stackable doors are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including both residential and commercial settings. In residential properties, these doors are popular choices for patio access, balcony enclosures, and room dividers, offering seamless indoor-outdoor transitions and maximizing natural light intake. In commercial spaces, they are commonly used for storefronts, conference rooms, and restaurant entrances, where space optimization, durability, and aesthetic appeal are paramount. With their customizable design options and robust construction, JL’s aluminium sliding doors/stackable doors cater to the needs of various projects and environments, providing versatility and performance.

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