New Standard High-end Customization

New Standard High-end Customization is dedicated to delivering the ultimate lifestyle experience for affluent families, committed to providing a one-stop intelligent luxury customization service for those pursuing aesthetic living. As a powerhouse brand that combines the philosophy of smart living with the aesthetics of artistic space, New Standard High-end Customization adheres to a global perspective, an artistic creation philosophy, and international-leading craftsmanship. It continually explores higher, better, and updated quality lifestyles to match the evolving heights of life for affluent families.

Drawing on the rich heritage of the New Standard Group in the home industry over the past 24 years and the inherent genes of high-end systematic customization, New Standard High-end Customization builds upon the existing excellence of New Standard. Leveraging an outstanding product development team, a 4.0 intelligent manufacturing system, and a global supply chain management system, it innovates and explores continuously. The goal is to provide a wide range of world-class products and exclusive services for the vast high-end consumer base, creating infinite possibilities for success for our partners

Brand Vision

Constant Exploration and Creation, Providing Exceptional Lifestyle Enjoyment for Families

Brand Positioning

Exploring the Pinnacle of Home Life Experience, Perfectly Blending Rational Wisdom and Sensory Art in Luxuriously Spacious Settings:

Brand Personality

Our craftsmanship is marked by ingenuity and exclusivity, representing a dedication to perfection. We are relentless in our pursuit of the unknown, driven by an insatiable curiosity that fuels our constant exploration.

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