07 / 2024

Top 5 Myths About Double Glazing Windows Debunked

As far as home improvements go, double glazing windows are mostly recommended for their energy efficiency and soundproofing benefits. However, there are many myths associated with double glazing that may make people hesitate to upgrade to th...


06 / 2024

Everything you need to know about Replacing Windows

Windows are more than just holes in walls; they are doorways leading to vistas, light, and air. But eventually, they might degrade and lose their usefulness and attractiveness. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about...


05 / 2024

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces with Aluminium Sliding Doors

In today's architectural landscape, indoor-outdoor living has become increasingly popular. Homeowners are seeking ways to seamlessly merge their indoor and outdoor spaces to create a harmonious living environment that embraces nature while mainta...


04 / 2024

Demystifying Double Glazing Windows Prices: What Factors Influence Cost?

For home improvement, the decision to invest in double glazing windows can significantly enhance the comfort and value of your property. However, navigating the landscape of double glazing window prices can be daunting, with costs varying widely ...


03 / 2024

Colonial Windows: Traditional Design Elements for Modern Homes

In the realm of architectural design, few elements evoke timeless charm and elegance quite like colonial windows. Originating from the colonial period in America, these windows boast a rich history and distinctive aesthetic that continue to capti...


11 / 2023

Buying system windows in 2023, it’s essential to understand those details

Glass strip sealing or caulking, which one is better? Glass strip sealing is relatively more standardized and weather-resistant compared to caulking. It is not limited by the installation skills of the installer. As for visible hinges and ...


11 / 2023

Ten Common Opening Methods for Thermal Break Aluminum Windows – See Which One is More Suitable for Your Home”

1️⃣ Internal Casement Rotates the handle 90 degrees to open. ✅ Pros: High safety, no worries about falling risks; a rubber strip around the window frame, combined with a thermal break strip, effectively improves sealing. It is also known ...


11 / 2023

How to pick Glass??

Lately, the most frequently asked question from my followers is about how to choose glass for thermal break aluminum doors and windows. Should they go for double-layer insulated glass or triple-layer insulated glass? Under what conditions should ...